Hi friends! My name is Brittney, I’m the owner of Park Grounds Coffee in Derby and Wichita. I love coffee and I’m passionate about community, but most importantly I’m a full-time mommy to an awesome 5-year-old girl, Blayne.


My mission is to offer a space for people to come together to share some laughs, connect, or just shoot the breeze over a warm cup of quality coffee. 

My great grandpa is responsible for introducing me to my first sips of coffee when I was just a toddler. He would dip a teaspoon in his coffee and sneak me little tastes. And that’s when my lifelong love affair with coffee began.

I graduated from K-State with a degree in Animal Science. My frequent study periods influenced a major variety of coffee beverages. It was then that I started to become somewhat of a connoisseur. I had my favorite coffee drinks at all my favorite places.

I moved around a lot after college, selecting my favorite coffee shops in every city. It was the most delicious market research! There is something so fantastic about walking into a coffee shop and connecting with the other people who just happen to be there. I met a lot of wonderful people just shooting the breeze at coffee shops.

At Park Grounds Coffeehouse, we are 100% gluten free. There is no risk of cross contamination, which make us celiac friendly. I am gluten free and I understand how difficult it is to find truly gluten free restaurants. I want my gluten-free comrades to have a space they can come and enjoy meals or treats without worry! I do all the baking, and I really love it! I appreciate the challenge of experimenting with new gluten free flours and flavor combinations! If you have any requests – lemme know!

Coffee and I go way back. I hope to help others have wonderful moments with a mug in their hands like I have. I’m thankful for the opportunity to serve delicious local coffee, tea, kombucha, and gluten free eats!

With gratitude,